In Czech Republic, train company announces singles-only ‘dating carriages’

Train journeys can be boring if travelers forget to bring along something to do. While the Catalan Government Railways has opted for QR code book chapters to keep its customers entertained, Czech Republic-based transport operator Ropid now wants to introduce singles-only carriages to help travelers to meet potential partners on their commute.

The company plans to set aside the last carriage on trains running either once every hour, or on a particular day of the week, for passengers who are looking for love. While the carts will be specially reserved for single customers only, Ropid said that it won’t stop those in a relationship who simply want to get home or to work from using the carriage. Some 600 million people use the country’s underground each year and the company hopes that among that figure will be individuals who would welcome the idea. It is currently surveying passengers to determine the feasibility of such a campaign. Explaining the concept, Filip Drapal, spokesman for Ropid, told reporters: “In the metro you can already read and learn, so why not find a partner?” It also indicated that the scheme could be put in place by the end of the year.

In today’s hectic world, the dating carriages could provide busy people with a way to connect with potential partners, while also encouraging more people to take public transport over cars. Are there other innovative ways to provide dating opportunities to singles?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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