Cutting Through the Content Crap

I mean, The Top Three Ways to cut through the content crap.

Enumerating the solutions in the title makes it seem all the more useful and approachable — with little investment of your time, you can quickly and easily glean some game-changing information. And it works. We get more clicks on blog articles with a number in the title. I can attest there is a greater chance that I will read an article with such a title. Problem is that those conniving crap writers know all about this enumerating thing. I’ve started reading countless articles that lured me with a promising title, but quickly turned from resource to refuse.

Good writing indicates good content.Cutting Through the Content Crap image bonhomme megaphoneCutting Through the Content Crap

There is some truth to this. Most companies and individual writers who take time to craft their message well, take pride in the content they are creating. The issue here is that not everyone who is capable of turning a phrase effectively has something worth saying; so it may have been an enjoyable read, but a waste of time nonetheless.

Sophisticated search algorithms locate the content you want.

Creating the complex formulae to search the Internet for terms and content is a monumental task that requires herculean effort. Except the mighty heroes are geeky men and women who would rather be compared to Spock or Yoda than an ancient Greek god. And all the power to them. But the reality is that even the best search methodology and software will produce about of crap along with relevant resources. And we can’t hold the programmers to blame, the same terms are used in both good and bad articles; and even Google falls prey to titles with the 10 best search results.

So if readers can’t rely on the title, well-written content or sophisticated search, how do they cut through the crap to find worthy content? My experience has been that although there are ways to filter some of the undesirable content, there is no sure-fire way to avoid junk and always find valuable information. You’ve got to wade through the mire and the muck, skim a lot of material to find the shiny gems. Typically, once someone finds a good resource, it gets bookmarked and passed along… and with the plethora of online apps and social media options, there are a lot of ways to do that.

Frequently publishing consistently good content develops a following of readers. That implies that there is a marketing content strategy to the process. (For which we highly recommend a well thought out editorial calendar.) I don’t think there is a quick fix, but rather a persistent and quality-minded approach to be successful. What are your thoughts? How do you suggest to help readers cut through the crap and find (your) informative and resource-rich content?

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