What Do You Use A Customize YouTube Embed For?

    By Ben Bernstein | Small Business

    The use of video on websites has gone through a strange back-and-forth since the 1990s. When the Internet first boomed, companies that could immediately started embedding video onto their sites. Unfortunately, the results just weren’t very impressive. You just got grainy, low-quality video auto-playing on websites, like you still see on a lot of low-rent “As Seen On TV” product sites.

    So, embedding video fell out of favor, and everyone just started hosting their videos on YouTube. The problem is, when properly presented, a video on your main page or landing page really is effective in driving lead conversions. This is a poorly-studied area at the moment, but this blog post has some good estimates on video-driven lead conversion rates. In certain fields, improvements as high as 400% have been reported!

    This has led to one of the most popular current solutions: the customized YouTube embed. It’s a best-of-both worlds solution. A customized YouTube embed gives you the bandwidth and quality video of a high-profile hosting site, while still allowing you to make it fit your site and convert your leads.

    So, what could you do if you customize your YouTube embedded videos? Let’s take a look.

    Some Great Ways To Get The Most Of Customized YouTube Embeds

    • Make your brand more prominent. One of the simplest things to do when customizing an embedded YouTube video is take away the YouTube branding. A video that’s cluttered up with brands looks cheap and unprofessional, so this ensures that your brand is the one that people notice.
    • Give it s custom skin. Another important aspect of online branding is keeping your presentation consistent. Since the YouTube player will be integrated into your website, you can choose the framing and presentation. Rather than the “default” box, your UI designer can dress it up to match the colors and fonts of your site, making for a more cohesive user experience.
    • Add more social sharing options. Using custom plugins to enable social sharing is a great way to boost your social presence. Rather than cluttering up your main UI design with redundant buttons, you can simply embed the social sharing options directly into the video itself. Plus, this means that if someone else links to it, it will still be your social buttons that people see.
    • Create more calls-to-action. Just like how most of your blog posts are supposed to endWhat Do You Use A Customize YouTube Embed For? image Customize Youtube EmbedWhat Do You Use A Customize YouTube Embed For? with a call to action, the same is true for your customized YouTube embedded videos. Putting links directly into your videos, to other videos as well as your website, will inspire people to view more of your content or consider signing up for your mailing lists. This makes your online videos work for you, even after they’ve “gone live.”
    • Enhance your User Experience: Your UX is among the most important factors in website design today. We’ve moved beyond simply making pretty or functional websites to considering specifically how the user will react to it and interact with it. All these extra features of customize YouTube embed add up to a smoother, easier-to-use site that gives users more reasons to stick around. The longer they’re on your site, the more likely they are to convert.

    No matter how you’re incorporating video into your online marketing efforts, you’re likely to see some reward from it. Moving past traditional video and into customized embedded YouTube videos means more personalization, more interaction, and even more rewards.

    Got questions? Let us know how we can help!

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