Customer Service Is Everything (Infographic)

    By Brian Wallace | Small Business

    For the most part, one bad customer service experience is one too many, and we’ve got the stats to back it up. Even just a single unhelpful customer service representative can send consumers over to competitors without a second thought. The average dissatisfied customer is likely to tell more than 20 people about their bad experience and will likely cease doing business with that company. So if customer service is such an important part of business, why do so many corporations seem to fall short in that department? Just 26% have well-developed plans for improving the quality of their customer service. We see time and time again that as an enterprise grows, its customer service department becomes less and less effective.

    Compared with one another, the customer satisfaction ratings of specific companies that many of us deal with daily might surprise you. Heading off in the personal computer department is Apple with 87% customer satisfaction rating, one of the highest on our list. But Apple’s iPhone 5 falls behind Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III in smartphone manufacturing. Verizon is currently the top rated wireless provider with a satisfaction rating of 73%, while T-Mobile is at the bottom with just 68%.

    As a whole, however, customer satisfaction in a variety of industries seems to be on the rise. In the past year alone, health care, energy utilities, transportation and accommodation & food services have all gone up and average of 1 point.

    Customer Service Is Everything (Infographic) image the state of customer serviceCustomer Service Is Everything (Infographic)

    Take a look at this infographic for the state of customer service and let us know in the comments, are you satisfied? Don’t forget to like and share!

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