Current Mobile Shopping Trends: Focus On Smartphones

    By Jen Cohen Crompton | Small Business

    Mobile Shopping Trends

    When shopping, do you use your smartphone? That doesn’t just mean making purchases on your smartphone, but do you use your phone as a supplement for better [shopping] decision-making?

    It turns out that a majority of shoppers, shop with phone-in-hand and are using the device for more than just connecting with friends – they are virtually shopping with them.

    Smartphone users are doing the following…

    1. Photos. Shoppers are taking photos of their potential purchases and sending to friends and family to “survey the audience” to aid in purchase decisions. Basically, shoppers can shop with others and get their opinions simply by snapping a photo and waiting for the response. Think about that time you tried on a shirt and couldn’t decide if you liked it or not. The person with you would weigh in and if they liked it, you purchased. If not, you didn’t. Same idea, only now we’re doing it via text multimedia text messages.

    2. Calling. What if you forgot what mom wanted for her birthday? Why not call your sibling and ask what she wanted and toss around a few ideas while you’re standing in her favorite store. Easy enough and that means you don’t have to make an extra trip back to the mall.

    3. Checking Reviews. Another way that a smartphone can become your best shopping buddy is searching for third-party validation of the quality, performance, or overall sentiment about the product in question. Studies show that more and more consumers are trusting peer reviews of products and services, and that they are increasingly becoming an influencing factor in buying decisions.

    4. Checking Prices. Whether brick and mortar stores love it or hate it, it’s fact that smartphone users will quickly compare prices while shopping to see if the in-store product is competitively priced with the online version. Although it can be difficult for a store to compete with online pricing, the product is readily available for the shopper and no waiting is required.

    As smartphone use continues to grow and become more of a “way of life” than an added bonus, smartphone shopping will continue to grow.

    As mentioned in the video, eMarketer reported that after assessing smartphone behaviors and ecommerce growth at the end of Q1 2013, at the end of 2013, mobile purchasing will account for 15 percent of ecommerce space and will account for $38 billion dollars. In that space, 27 percent of ecommerce purchases will be done using smartphones.

    The bottom line here? The more shoppers use their smartphones, the more they will purchase.

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