Crude-by-rail projects in the United States

(Adds Navigator Energy Services project in Texas; updates capacity of Philadelphia Energy Solutions offloading) By Kristen Hays HOUSTON, Oct 25 (Reuters) - U.S. oil producers, refiners and logistics companies are deep into the crude-by-rail movement with dozens of projects throughout the United States. Rapid proliferation of oil-by-train shipments started more than three years ago to get oil to markets as pipeline infrastructure lagged booming U.S. and Canadian crude production. The American Association of Railroads said more than 861,000 barrels per day - more than a 10th of U.S. output of 7.61 million bpd - moved by rail in the second quarter this year. The amount railed rose by 11.8 percent from the previous quarter and by 111 percent from the same period in 2012. The East and West coasts, in particular, turned to rail to tap cheaper U.S. and Canadian crude with no major oil pipelines in operation, or even planned, to move inland crude to those markets. However, rail evolved past a stopgap measure into an integral crude sourcing mode for refiners, adding flexibility to choose the best-priced crude from various shale and tight oil plays. Contracts are shorter, and they are not completely locked into specific types of crude moved from fixed points via pipeline. Here is a rundown of some 70 U.S. rail projects - both loading at production sites and unloading at refineries and terminals - that have emerged as U.S. shale and Canadian production grows: WEST COAST Company Name Type Location State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Tesoro Corp Ref Anacortes WA 50,000 (refinery Bakken Operational 120,000 bpd) U.S. Oil and Ref Tacoma WA N/A (refinery 40,700 Bakken Operational Refining bpd) Tesoro Corp Port Port of WA 120,000 initially, Bakken Approved by port and Savage Vancouver expandable to 280,000 and July 23, awaiting OK Services Canadian from state governor; operational in 2014 Phillips 66 Ref Ferndale WA 20,000 bpd capacity Bakken Awaiting permit increase; currently and approvals; receiving 20,000 of Canadian operational in Q4 N.American crude via 2014 mixed-freight shipments (refinery 100,000 bpd) BP Plc Ref Cherry WA 60,000 (refinery Bakken Under construction; Point 225,000 bpd) startup in spring 2014 Royal Dutch Ref Anacortes WA N/A (Puget Sound Bakken, Expect to file Shell refinery 145,000 bpd) Canadian permits in summer 2013 as consider whether to proceed Alon Energy Ref Bakersfield CA Up to 70,000 Bakken Awaiting permits USA (Bakersfield, and Texas Paramount and Long Permian Beach refineries, Basin three refineries 70,000 bpd) Plains All Term Bakersfield CA 65,000 Bakken, Start up in first American Niobrara, half 2014 Eagle Ford Valero Energy Ref Benicia CA Up to 70,000 (132,000 Inland Seeking permits; Corp bpd refinery) U.S. and delayed until 1Q Canadian 2015 from 4Q 2013 to allow for environmental assessment Valero Ref Wilmington CA 60,000 (78,000 bpd Inland Seeking permits refinery) U.S. and Canadian U.S. Port Aberdeen(Gr WA Up to 50,000 with a Bakken, Seeking permits Development ays Harbor) 120-car unit-train Canadian Group delivery every two days Westway Port Aberdeen(Gr WA up to 50,000 bpd with Bakken, Seeking permits Terminals LLC ays Harbor) 120-car unit train Canadian delivery every other day (expands from 18 loading/unloading spots to 76) Tesoro Ref Martinez CA Unit train to Bakken Operational third-party rail offloading (refinery 166,000 bpd) Phillips 66 Ref Rodeo CA Extend rail Bakken, Seeking permits infrastructure at Canadian Arroyo Grande to take up to 20,000 (Refinery 120,200 bpd) EAST COAST Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Phillips 66, Ref Linden NJ 80,000-90,000 at Bakken Operational Global times 70,000 (Railed Partners LP to Albany, NY, then barged to 238,000 bpd Bayway refinery in Linden, New Jersey) Plains All Term Yorktown VA 130,000 Bakken, Expected October American Niobrara, 2013 Eagle Ford PBF Energy Ref Delaware DE 80,000 Bakken, 24,000 Bakken and Operational; to City Canadian (refinery Canadian; expand to 182,200 bpd) some Bakken 100,000 Bakken barged to by end 2013, 160,000 bpd 80,000 Canadian Paulsboro, by end 2014 NJ Philadelphia Ref Philadelphia PA 160,000; plus another Bakken Operational Energy 30,000 via rail and Solutions barge combination (refinery 330,000 bpd) Monroe Energy Ref Trainer PA Can receive Bakken Barge shipments 35,000-40,000 via operational barge once railed to Albany NY; plans to receive up to 75,000 bpd (refinery 185,000 bpd) Buckeye Term Albany NY 130,000 (rail to Bakken, in Operational Partners barge, onward to partnership 300,000 bpd Irving with Irving Oil refiner in St. Oil John, New Brunswick) Sunoco Term Eagle Point NJ 40,000 (rail to Bakken Operational Logistics barge) Partners LP Enbridge Inc Term Eddystone PA 80,000 by end 2013; Bakken First phase end (Near to expand to 160,000 2013, expansion Philadelphia (rail to barge) in 2014 ) Buckeye Term Perth Amboy NJ tbd Bakken N/A Partners LP GULF COAST Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Kinder Morgan Term Houston TX 210,000 Cushing Under Energy Oklahoma, construction, Partners LP West Texas, startup in , Watco Bakken, February 2014 Companies LLC Canadian and Mercuria Plains All Term St. James LA 140,000 Niobrara Operational American Plains All Load Gardendale TX 25,000 Eagle Ford Operational American Genesis Energy Load Wink TX 75,000 Permian Startup fourth LP Basin quarter 2013 Cetane Energy Load Carlsbad NM 70,000 Permian Fall 2013 LLC and Murex Basin LLC Rangeland Load Loving NM N/A Permian Startup at end Energy Basin 2013 Genesis Energy Term Walnut Hill FL 75,000 Bakken, Operational (near West Texas Mobile Bay AL) Valero Ref St. James LA 100,000 (via Capline Bakken Operational to 180,000 bpd Memphis, Tennessee, refinery Sunoco Term Nederland TX 21,500 Bakken Operational Logistics Alon Energy Ref Krotz LA 6,000 (refinery Inland U.S, Operational Springs 80,000 bpd) type depends on price Genesis Energy Term Natchez MS 43,000 (adding 60 Canadian Operational railcar spots to existing 40 in late 2013) NuStar Energy Term St. James LA in talks with Canadian No announced LP producers to expand plans yet NuStar Energy, Term St. James LA 70,000 at each Bakken First offloading EOG Resources facility facility started Inc up in April 2012, second under construction, operational by end 2013 Canadian Term Port of AL 75,000, up to 120 Canadian Early 2014 National Mobile tank cars per day Railway (offload crude, and backhaul condensate) Arc Terminals Petroplex Term St. James LA 70,000 (engeineering Bakken, Operational in International Parish and design for bulk Canadian 2014 LLC, head of a liquids terminal consortium including unit backed by train) Macquarie Group and others Valero Ref Port Arthur TX N/A (seeking process Canadian Some crude to use rail-to-barge already coming, for 290,000 bpd amounts refinery) undisclosed; if project deemed economical, can be expanded Valero Ref St. Charles LA 20,000 (refinery Canadian, End 2013 205,000 bpd) with room to take some inland U.S. light-sweet Genesis Energy Term Maryland LA N/A (near Exxon Bakken, Operational in Mobil Corp's Eagle Ford, second quarter 502,500 bpd refinery Canadian 2014 in Baton Rouge) GT Logistics Term Port Arthur TX 100,000 (rail to Bakken Operational Omniport barge) Terminal Jefferson Term Port of TX 70,000 (rail to Eagle Ford, Operational Refinery LLC Beaumont barge) Bakken, (Orange Canadian County Terminal) Kansas City Term Port Arthur TX N/A (in talks to Canadian N/A Southern develop rail to barge) Kinder Morgan Term Battlegroun TX 6,000 bpd N/A First phase to Energy d Oil initially (unloading start up in Partners and Specialty for 12 cars, 2013, expansion TransMontaigne Terminal expandable to 30 startup in Partners LP Company LLC cars) fourth quarter (BOSTCO) 2014 EOG Resources Load Harwood TX Average 12,000 at 98 Eagle Ford Operational shipments of about 45,000 barrels per train in 2012 EOG Resources Load Barnhart TX Average 3,000 at 24 Permian Operational shipments of about Basin 45,000 barrels per train in 2012 Navigator Load Big Spring TX 60,000 bpd Permian Targeted for Energy Basin fourth quarter Services 2014 MIDCONTINENT Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Enbridge Load Berthold ND 120,000 Bakken Operational Plains All Load Manitou and ND 65,000 at Manitou; Bakken Operational; Van American Van Hook 35,000 at Van Hook Hook to 65,000 bpd in H2 2013 Musket Corp Load Dore ND 60,000 Bakken Operational EOG Resources Load Stanley ND 65,000 Bakken Operational (Watco) Hess Corp Load Tioga ND More than 60,000 Bakken Operational (Watco) Inergy Load Epping ND More than 135,000 Bakken Operational Dakota Plains Load New Town ND 80,000 Bakken Operational Holdings Lario Load Bakken Oil ND 100,000 expandable Bakken Operational Logistics Express, to 200,000 near Dickinson Savage Load Trenton ND 90,000 Bakken Operational Services Great Northern Load Fryburg ND 60,000 Bakken Operational Midstream LLC Global Basin Load Columbus ND 160,000 Bakken Operational LP, Basin and Beulah Transload LLC Northstar Load Fairview MT 100,000 (Q1 2014) Bakken Operational Transloading Delek U.S. Ref El Dorado AR 25,000 light U.S. or Inland Startup in early Holdings 12,000 Canadian. Can U.S., 2014 also access 20,000 Canadian bpd of light crude offloading at a third-party facility adjacent to the refinery (refinery 80,000 bpd) HollyFrontier Ref Artesia NM 70,000 (refinery WTS, WTI, Operational Corp 105,000 bpd) Canadian Marquis Energy Term Hayti MS 75,000 (rail to Bakken, Operational; to Miss. barge) Canadian increase to 150,000 by end 2013 Indigo Term Osceola AR 140,000 (rail to Bakken, Startup in late Resources Miss. barge) Canadian 2014 SEACOR Term Sauget IL 65,000 (rail to Bakken, Operational Holdings Inc (Gateway Miss. barge) Canadian Terminals) Savage Term Lordstown OH N/A (transloading at Utica, Awaiting Services Ohio Commerce when takers Center, expanding production for unit trains) ramps up Kinder Morgan, Term Stroud OK 65,000 bpd, Bakken Operational Watco offloading EOG Companies output crude to Hawthorn Pipeline ROCKIES Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Plains All Load Carr, Tampa CO 15,000 at Carr, to Niobrara Carr operating, American expand to 30,000; expansion slated 65,000 at Tampa for second half (ships to CA, LA) 2013; Tampa to be operational second half 2013 Musket Corp Load Windsor CO Initially 16,000 Niobrara Operational expandable to more than 30,000 Enersco Load Douglas WY 60,000 expandable Bakken, Manifest Midstream LLC, to 120,000 Niobrara, shipments under subsidiary of Canadian way, unit-train Twin Eagle capability added Resource by March 2014 Management Eighty-Eight Load Guernsey WY 60,000 to be Bakken, Operational Oil LLC operational in late Niobrara 2013 CanadianBi g Horn Basin, Wyoming Cogent Energy Load Caspar WY 80,000 Niobrara Operational by Solutions LLC October 2013 and Granite Peak Development LLC Savage Load Price, Salt UT 9,000 Unita Awaiting takers Services Lake City Basin United Energy Load 7 sites in More than 68,000 Bakken, Operational Trading ND, CA, CO, Niobrara, WY, TX Eagle Ford, Permian Sources: Company filings, presentations and announcements; North Dakota Pipeline Authority (Reporting by Kristen Hays in Houston and Selam Gebrekidan in New York; Editing by Terry Wade and Jim Marshall)


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