Crowdsourced reviews and multimedia content provided through location-specific app

Connecting real-world objects with digital information is becoming increasingly popular, especially for tourism enterprises. We’ve already seen Monmouth in Wales dub itself a “Wikipedia town” thanks to the numerous QR codes that can be found around the region. Now Belgium-based TagTagCity hopes to help people find out more about the venues and sites of interest in their vicinity.

Using crowdsourcing, the platform is looking to create a comprehensive overview of almost any location in an area, with its initial focus on the city of Brussels. When a location – whether a museum, restaurant or sightseeing opportunity – is tagged with content, a physical sticker containing an NFC or QR code is installed, allowing those with smartphones to easily learn more about the spot when they visit it. As well as reviews, historical information and related audio or video, scanning the codes offers promotional deals and discounts at the location they’re at, or at a venue nearby.

The system enables business owners to take advantage of potential footfall near their location, while consumers are informed of locations they may not otherwise have spotted. How else can companies ensure they are making the most of the rising ownership of smart mobile devices?


Spotted by: Alexia M

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