Crowdsourced app serves as a guide to local cocktails

We’ve already seen a crowdsourced guide to Spain’s bars and pubs with a focus on calling out those that serve fake drinks. Now taking a more general approach, Elixr is a mobile app that gives cocktail lovers a way to rate and comment on the drinks they try and share their impressions with friends.

Launched in March by a team including Virginia-based Mobelux, Elixr bills itself as “an iPhone app and social network that celebrates the pleasure of sharing a great drink, like a cocktail, spirit, beer, or wine, with friends.” Toward that end, the free app enables users to post, rate and comment on what they’re drinking and what venue they’re at. Friends can then view and comment on such posts as well as sharing their own, helping each other discover the best drinks nearby.

Switzerland-based Elixr CEO Marc LaFountain explains: “The popularity of cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine is exploding around the world. So, we’re convinced that now is the time for a network focused on these experiences. And, this is only the beginning. We have plans to add more features and applications over time to increase the size and usefulness of the Elixr network.” Mobile- and cocktail-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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