Crowdfunding Generates More Than $60,000 an Hour (Infographic)

    By Catherine Clifford | Small Business

    When big data analytics are overlaid on the exploding industry of crowdfunding, it becomes eye-poppingly clear just how much this new finance mechanism is growing.

    For example, there's this: Every hour in the month of March, more than $60,000 dollars were raised via crowdfunding throughout the world.

    And this: In the first three months of 2014, $124 million was raised around the world via crowdfunding.

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    And this: In March, 442 crowdfunding campaigns were launched globally each and every day.

    This data comes from the first ever quarterly report and accompanying infographic, both of which are publicly released tomorrow, from  The Crowdfunding Centre, an online platform for crowdfunding news and analytics based in the United Kingdom. 

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    Have a look at the  infographic summarizing the report below.

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    Crowdfunding Generates More Than $60,000 an Hour (Infographic)

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