Crossing the Digital Divide [Infographic]

    By Brittany Berger | Small Business

    Crossing the Digital Divide [Infographic] image digital divide.jpgdigital divideIt should come as no surprise to hear that people spend much more time “connected” than they used to. Leaving the house no longer means being inaccessible. We no longer need computers to go on the internet, and computers are no longer stationed permanently in one spot of your home or office.

    We’re connected everywhere. We carry our cell phones with us everywhere, and making phone calls is only one of hundreds of the features we use our phones for. We can carry our laptops or tablets anywhere.

    We use more than one screen at a time, whether those screens are our TV and computer, TV and cell phone, computer and cell phone, or any other combination. Heck, I’m guilty of using my computer, television, tablet, and smartphone all at once.

    Tech-obsessed? Definitely. But just the fact that this level of connectivity is possible is astonishing.

    A new infographic from KISSmetrics shows how we use technology and how it’s changing. A few interesting pieces of information and insights from the infographic include:

    • The year 2013 marks the first year U.S. adults spent more time viewing media on digital devices
    • Time spent on our computers, phones, and tablets has increased from 3.11 hrs/day in 2010 5.16 hrs/day in 2013 
    • In June 2012, Netflix subscribers streamed over 1 billion hours of content
    • Although time spent on other devices has gone up, TV time hasn’t changed much, showing proof of second-screen habits 
    • Time spent per day on print media has decreased from 50 minutes in 2010 to 32 minutes in 2013 
    • Since 2008, about 170 newspapers have shut down in the U.S.
    • We’ve gone from spending 10 minutes/day on our smartphones in 2010 to an hour and 7 minutes in 2013
    • 34% of U.S. adults own a tablet, up from 3% in 2010 

    Crossing the Digital Divide [Infographic] image crossing the digital divide lgCrossing the Digital Divide - Infographic
    Source: Crossing the Digital Divide – Infographic

    What devices do you use for at least a few minutes on an average day? Which device do you use the most? Share about your habits below in the comments!

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