Critical Minute – Mining for a Public Relations Strategy

The goal of public relations professionals in most mining operations is to manage public, environmental and governmental affairs.

PR professionals in this space need extensive knowledge in media and community relations, environmental planning and government relations.  In many cases, the public relations office in a mining operation complements and strengthens a robust environmental permitting team.

The mining industry’s political and national advocacy is managed by the National Mining Association, which currently organizes the Advocacy Campaign Team (ACT) for mining. This is an online national network of more than 350,000 supporters promoting domestic mining.

The mining industry doesn’t operate without protest. Both national and global mining accidents, which claim the lives of thousands of miners worldwide each year, drive increased safety measures. Environmental groups, battling against the depletion and spoiling of natural resources, also pose a threat to domestic operations.

It’s one of the toughest public relations jobs, and professionals in this space constantly dig in to local, national and international TV & Radio coverage on related mining issues to safeguard their operations and shore up local opinion.

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