Creating Sucessful Online Promotions

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Successful Online Promotions

This is one area I have learned a lot about in the last few months. People are looking for promotions and are willing to give you their contact information if they know they will be getting something of value in return.

Careful thought has to be given regarding these promotions. You do not want to give your business away or be viewed as a company that is so desperate for clients that you are willing to take a significant loss.

Here is an example of what most companies do for promotions!

Give something of value that people can use. Think of something you could send to the person looking at your promotion. Maybe it is a useful pamphlet of information, maybe it is a link to a downloadable audio file. Test these areas and see how much traffic you receive based on these items. (Grade C)

Here is an example of how to see the most success with your promotion.

Now, if you really want to make an impact and have a successful program, think about personally sending something to them. This is where you will see the most success with your promotion. All of us like to see our name on a large envelope or box and open it up, (Think Present). Yes – People want to know that you care about them and are willing to go out of your way to personally send something to them. This is where companies see the most success. (Grade A)

Like I said, the choice is up to you. You can offer promotions like most of your competitors, or you can be different and take your promotion a step farther by making it personal.

I have to tell you, I started out in the first category and half-heartedly experienced some success, but nothing very dramatic. Once I decided to make the jump and spend the time to make it a better experience I saw much greater success and have been able to bring current and new clients on board because of this experience. It can be a worthwhile experience if you put in some thought and give people something of value.

Do you have an example of an online promotion that has been successful? Send me a link to your promotion.

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