Creating a Sexy Resume [Infographic]

HR managers are busy people! One in four HR managers receive 50 resumes per job listing, while one in ten receive 100 resumes to sort through. What exactly are they looking for in these resumes? Seventy-seven percent want to see relevant experience; 48 percent want to see specific accomplishments; and 41 percent say they want to see a resume customized to the open position. They also look for certain keywords such as “problem solving,” “leadership,” “oral/written communication,” “team building,” and “performance and productivity improvement.” These are buzzwords that catch the attention of busy HR managers.

So, how do you create a powerful resume that really stands out? Summarizing your skills, qualifications, and credentials in a tight, compact manner is far sexier than babbling on and on about yourself. Bullet points with strong action items have more impact than full sentences. Confidence is key—talk about your accomplishments and tell employers how you’ve made a difference in current or previous roles. It’s important, however, that you avoid sounding self absorbed, so find a balance!

Also, be sure not to include any links to personal websites or social networking sites that make you look unprofessional. Employers will definitely be turned off by this. It’s important to have another set of eyes take a look at your resume—they can make sure you weren’t just a Sales Ass. To learn more about how to craft a sexy resume as well as common resume mistakes you’ll want to avoid, check out the awesome infographic below.

Creating a Sexy Resume [Infographic] image anatomy great resume1Creating a Sexy Resume [Infographic]
Source: Top Counseling Schools

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