Creating Mega Affiliate Product Sites Using Datafeeds

It seems like everyone is talking about creating niche affiliate sites these days. Why shouldn’t they? After all, they are an excellent way to create sites with a tight niche focus and content that can continually keep working for you for several months or years to come. Throw in some long tail keyword research and you may find a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand in recurring income month after month!

While we are talking about niche sites, we should also mention that some of the biggest affiliate networks in the game like Shareasale and Commission Junction have a large number of advertisers and merchants that give their affiliates access to their datafeeds. With a datafeed you can reproduce all of the items a particular merchant is selling through their site and place them all on your own.

This can be quite a complicating task if you don’t know anything about programming, xml or datafeeds. Fortunately there is a new wordpress plugin called WP All Import that allows you to easily create an affiliate site with thousands of projects in literally just a few minutes.

Through the use of the WP All Import plugin you can take advantage of the free datafeeds that are offered by merchants, then using the WordPress platform you can create a site of your own. After playing around with the datafeeds you have available and your WordPress theme design and content, you can end up with a great looking site like the one below.

Creating Mega Affiliate Product Sites Using Datafeeds image WP All Import Example SitesCreating Mega Affiliate Product Sites Using Datafeeds

As easy as it sounds to create a site full of hundreds or even thousands of products (and it is easy), the real task will come in your efforts to grow the site and get ranked in the search engines. Since the majority of your datafeed content is also seen elsewhere (on the original merchant site), it would be a good idea for you to add some original content into the mix.

If you are looking for some more tips, I would recommend that you do some long tail keyword research on the products you are promoting. Are people looking for product reviews, coupons and feedback? Providing this information can help your web site rank better in the search results and also help increase your overall conversions too.

The next time you are thinking about creating a new affiliate niche site, also be sure to consider your options with using a datafeed to grow out a real site with original content and importing product listings right into your site.

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