Creating and Leveraging a Mailing List

Marketing to your customers via email is an easy way to generate return traffic to your store, but how do you leverage an audience via email if you haven’t developed one yet?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a few super simple tips for growing your mailing list and getting customers back to your store and want to shop again and again (and again!)

Creating and Leveraging a Mailing List image mailing list1Creating and Leveraging a Mailing List

So here we go!

#1 Set up a mailing list

It is imperative to have a mailing list to get your store to send the list. Infact you can’t build a mail list until you have a mail yourself! There are services such as MailChimp, that are absolutely free if your email list is under a certain size that help you automate the whole process of sending emails and newsletters. All you simply have to do is set up an account with them and also get hold of a sign-up form URL and get it hosted on a place where you want people to start subscribing to.

#2 Put a sign up link on your store page or website

Prompt your customers to start signing up. They would only know when you put up an appropriate sign board that calls them to sign up. Be it on your website, store or while making a purchase.

#3 Gentle reminders

There are customers who would sign up right away to your newsletter but there are also customers who need a little nudging and extra effort so that they finally sign up for your newsletter. You could gently remind them when they place an order or when they visit your Social pages. Make sure you are giving people the chance to opt-in and not just add them yourself or you run the risk of getting flagged as spam.

Creating and Leveraging a Mailing List image mailing list 1265675491 12665113401Creating and Leveraging a Mailing List

#4 Content is king

This is the tricky part: if you aren’t sending people content they actually want to see, they will unsubscribe. Here are  a few ideas or things you can send to your email list:

- Discount codes just for them (and their friends)

- Previews of new products you will be getting in soon

- Advanced warning of sales you’re having or advanced pre opening of your sales

- Events that you will be involved in (Group sales, craft fairs, popup shops, workshops etc.)

- Tips related to your product (think style advice if you sell clothes, tutorials if you sell craft supplies, business advice if you sell web themes)

- News related to your product (tour updates if you sell band merchandise, competition updates if you sell sporting goods)

- Inspiration behind product designs, sneak peeks behind the scenes of your business, photos of work-in-progress, anything that gives them a bigger picture of who you are.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get your mailing list setup, the sooner you can start building your network of lifelong fans and loyal customers!

If you know of any more ways or tips to build your email list, feel free to drop your comments below.

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