Should You Be Creating an Infographic? [Diagram]

There is so much information at your disposal that sometimes it can be difficult to effectively communicate your company’s message. Infographics have gained much credibility and popularity over the past couple years and are still on a hot trend. They are a powerful means of communicating information and data in an engaging way, allowing you to build your brand at the same time. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your business should be taking the route of creating an infographic. Sure they’re pretty and all, and the ones that are done well can be extremely helpful, informative, and engaging! Since many people are visual learners, infographics can be very effective as they  display valuable information as concisely as possible in a fun graphical manner. But are they right for your organization?

Should You Be Creating an Infographic? [Diagram] image Grapic designer jobShould You Be Creating an Infographic? [Diagram]

Making an infographic visually appealing to your target market is not an easy task. In fact, some infographics can be very confusing (especially those created automatically by software!). As a marketer, you need to research your topic and look for ways to present it in a manner that is not only unique and attractive, but can be easily understood by someone that is not in your line of work.

To create a successful infographic certain skills must be present: research (lots of it), writing effective copy, editing, imaging (graphics, illustrations, photos), image manipulation, and perhaps programming if it will be distributed online. Once this is done, there needs to be a flow with your visuals and information that is being displayed. A good infographic is like a compelling collection of related short stories, with each element having the ablility to stand on its own.

If you have access to the required skills to produce a spellbinding infographic, but you’re still debating whether it is the right route for your company, check out the diagram below Should I Make that Infographic, courtesy of Rani Molla and Blog.

Should You Be Creating an Infographic? [Diagram] image Should I Make that infographicShould You Be Creating an Infographic? [Diagram]

After looking at this diagram, do you think your company should design an infographic? If you are just getting started, a new trend that has emerged is creating infographics using PowerPoint. For more information and template examples, visit Hubspot Blog on 5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint. If this is out of your realm of expertise, our team at PROSAR will be more than happy to design an effective piece to target your desired market(s). We’d love to sit and chat with you!

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Have you created an infographic for your business? What tool(s) did you use?

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