Creating an Authority Website Because Blogging is Dumb?

Creating an Authority Website Because Blogging is Dumb? image AROI VSL 300x250 ShockingVideo v1Creating an Authority Website Because Blogging is Dumb?Creating an authority website because blogging is dumb sounds like a harsh statement but do not panic just yet.

Take a look around my site and you will see that I am not too keen on the word blogging as I have even branded this website as a website and not a blog. I am from the old school of website building and a blog still feels like a personal journal to me and a website is the real thing.

I recently published a huge article about how to blog, only because that is what people are searching for, but throughout the article I slip from the word blog to website. I guess a newbie would be confused by this but you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The point is, I cannot really call myself a blogger, it irks me.

Unfortunately calling your site a website or a blog will not matter in the end. It will all come down to how you build your site and the methods you follow when ruining your business.

Why Am I Writing this Article?

Well I am writing this article because Ryan Deiss said that “blogging was dumb” and definitely caught my attention with that statement. At first I thought that this was an extremely dumb thing to say, that was until I actually listened to why.

So Is Blogging Dumb?

I am not here to judge if you call your website a blog or your blog a website, but I have to go with Ryan Deiss on this one. Why did he say blogging was dumb? Well Ryan explains that when he stopped blogging and started building authority, that’s when the success flowed in.

It all comes down to building a website the smart way and not the hard way.

The smart way is to build an authority website by getting other well known people to publish content on your blog. The hard way is to simply create every piece of content yourself and struggle to build your own little reputation. After all, the search engines just want great content.

When you build a website the smart way you:

You Build an Authority Site Not a Blog

Rayn says you should go for it and start creating an authority website that is going to also create an asset. I call my websites virtual real estate so this idea did not surprise me at all. Download 79 how to blog tips and you will see that it is all about building authority.

Work on Building Authority

Creating an Authority Website Because Blogging is Dumb? image blogging smart 300x241Creating an Authority Website Because Blogging is Dumb?

Your precious time is spent building authority and not slogging it out creating content. Hmm that sounds like a good idea.

Use The Oprah Model

We all know Oprah Winfrey. She is famous for interviewing famous people. That’s it.

If we apply this to the website world, we need to get well known writers that bring their own following with them.

Attract Better Writers = More Buzz

When you get the authority you attract better writers Those writers have their own reputation to live up to and they usually like to promote the content they publish on your site. This is a win win situation for you.

So who makes the money? The writer or the publisher?

Ouch!!! I hate to mention this but there is no point keeping it a secret. The thing is, if writers knew what the publishers made from their content they would not be letting the content go so easy and cheap.

But on the other hand, my simple content marketing strategy that leverage’s the power of other sites makes me a decent income. I might be making other sites money by providing them with content but I am also making money from this as I have somewhere to take the visitor.

Here is an example of what one article can earn on a website (or blog) without even trying, and within one week.

I wrote this article about how George Brown from Google Sniper was giving away $5000 worth of products for free. I also linked to a previous review that I wrote about this Google sniper product. I am almost embarrassed to publish this article as it is extremely short and not up to my usual publishing standards.

Here are the results below. I made $177.00 from that article but two of the commissions are recurring. Not a bad start for an article that will stay on my blog for years.

Creating an Authority Website Because Blogging is Dumb? image 25 07 2012 1 42 20 PMPaid Blogging

The sad thing is that a paid blogger would only have earned about $5-$10 for this article (as it is very short), whereas I have made $177 plus more! This is a tiny example for me. I have articles on some pages where I make $30 a day and others can make $100 a day. That is NOT a whole website, that is one piece of content that generates its own income.

Publisher vs Blogger – Creating an Authority Website

So we have established that a publisher makes the money when comparing to the writer, but who makes the money when it is publisher vs blogger? Well I can tell you now that both do but there is one big difference, the blogger has to work a whole lot harder.


After watching Ryan’s video, which turns out to have awesome tips for creating authority websites, I have to agree with his theory that blogging is dumb, especially the way he describes it.

So what I really want to know is…

Are you a creating an authority website or building a blog?

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