How to Create an Super Awesome Business Card

    By Zac Johnson | Small Business

    When was the last time someone handed you an awesome business card? It probably was a while back… all too often people create business cards for the sake of having them. Instead you should be thinking about how you can make a lasting impression and not a business card that someone will toss in the trash five minutes after meeting you.

    I’ve always loved the concept of business cards and have always put in the time and effort to make sure mine are awesome. Now I have business cards that make people says “WOW” and always leaves a lasting impression. If you want to see what it looks like, then you will have to meet up with me some day!

    A white card with your name and basic information simple won’t cut it… you need to make it “SUPER!”

    How to Create an Super Awesome Business Card image Super Mario Brother Card 600x268How to Create an Super Awesome Business Card

    Here are some simple steps to make sure your next business card is the one that stands out in the massive stack of wasted paper that most people bring home and eventually throw out after their latest networking event or conference.

    Stick with Online Printing and Forget Expensive Local Businesses

    If you want to get business cards done today, you don’t need to go to a local printer, wait a few days and pay outrageous prices. The best way to get your business cards design and printed is to use any of the many online services that not only can get the job done faster and better, but they will also save you a lot of money and provide more options in the process.

    “Paper” Business Cards are Old News

    Some people are still printing their own business cards from their home computers! The more flimsy your business card, the less attention it’s going to get. Now you can create business cards made from plastics, metal, titanium and so much more. Why have a card like everyone else.

    If you are used to seeing paper business cards all the time and want to experience the new wave of technology and how cards are being printed, many online printers are now offering free samples of business cards for their site visitors and potential customers.

    Keep It Social

    Not everyone likes to pick up the phone or answer their emails on a timely manner. This is why you should also add your social networking urls and names to your business cards as well. Make it easy for anyone to contact you anywhere.

    Faces are Better than Names

    You remember the conversations and the faces of the people who you were talking with, but you probably forget their names! Make the first impression a lasting one by adding your picture to your business card and your name will not be forgotten!

    How to Create an Super Awesome Business Card image Depositphotos 1587748 s 300x284How to Create an Super Awesome Business Card

    These are just a few of the many ways you can bring life to your business card and make it “SUPER” among a mediocre crowd.

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