Create-your-own cereal lets consumers mix their perfect breakfast


We recently saw the The Grand Old Duke of Pork become the latest in a long line of businesses that give consumers the ability to alter products to their own tastes. Now is joining in, giving consumers to chance to customize their own breakfast cereals to include their favorite ingredients.

Customers logging onto the website first choose their base muesli from a range of nine options, including gluten-free whole grain and honey, almond and vanilla mixes. They can then add quinoa flakes, kamut puffs or granolas, a large range of freeze-dried fruits, nuts, seeds and finally unusual extras — including cocoa nibs, bee pollen powder, guarana and moringa leaf. The price of each cereal mix depends on the ingredients selected and the customer’s choice of 12oz or 1lb bag, although the cost is updated every time a change is made to let customers know if an ingredient is pushing them over budget. If the choices available are too much, also offers pre-mixed recipes with descriptions of each one.

What other meals could benefit from the create-your-own treatment?


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