Create an Engaging About Us Page With Help From LinkedIn

Here’s a little known thing you can do with some help from LinkedIn Labs: use their Connection Timeline (CT) tool to create an engaging About Us page for your company and/or team members or your resume/CV site.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the CT was originally created by LinkedIn Labs* back in 2011 as a way for members to follow their career timeline and track the connections they made throughout the years. It exists as a result of a LinkedIn’s Hackday and is the brain child of a software engineer by the name of Gordon Koo, with some serious help from a UX designer named, Bruno Medeiros. It’s a great example of “ big data” visualized.

LinkedIn’s  timeline app is interactive and based on the number of connections you have, it might take up to a minute or more to create your personal timeline. Once complete, select a display speed and then click the PLAY button. As your Profile photo moves along the timeline, headshots of those you connected with over the years are displayed, as well as the companies that you worked with during the same period on the timeline.

I used Quicktime to capture my timeline and have shared it with some potential collaborators and clients.

As for the About Us page, if I had a larger team, I’d ask each member create a screen capture of their own Connections Timeline and then I’d include it as the Link URL for their headshot with a caption that reads, “Click to learn more about Conan’s network.” As Gordon notes, “One of the really interesting things about the Connection Timeline is that no two career time lines look alike. Each mirrors the path that a professional took to get to where they are today.”

To see the one I generated a few weeks ago (and then added to my About page), you can view by clicking the link below (Quicktime needed and check your browser — it’s definitely Safari friendly):


And here’s a screen grab of what you’ll see, just in case you have browser trouble playing mine:

Create an Engaging About Us Page With Help From LinkedIn image SandyJK LinkedIn Timeline Image 300x2032SandyJK LinkedIn Timeline image

What will you do with your timeline? Please share your ideas below because this cool tool is something with which I’m certain many of us could find plenty of other uses.

*LinkedIn Labs hosts a small set of projects and experimental features built by the employees of LinkedIn.

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