How to Create Content that Appeals to People’s Laziness

How to Create Content that Appeals to People’s Laziness image lazy 300x1971How to Create Content that Appeals to People’s Laziness

Want in on the secret to creating content that gets shared, bookmarked, and even re-read by your audience?

Spoiler alert: This is not yet another post touting the benefits of writing great content or crafting a catchy headline. Although getting those elements right certainly won’t hurt your cause.

The Answer: Create content that caters to other people’s laziness. I stumbled across this idea when reading this post on and I believe the concept makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons:

  • People are always looking for solutions to problems. Generally, most people prefer a fast and easy solution versus a difficult and complex one when given the choice.

  • Many readers are tired of “advice” or “tips” and burnt out on reading general advice about what we should be doing.

  • People aren’t looking for more things to do. Most of us have more than enough tasks to easily fill the 16 hours per day we are awake. But what we’d all like is for someone else to go ahead and solve a couple of the to-do items we’ve already got.

Content That Caters to the Lazy

Just to be clear, this post is in no way meant to offend anyone. I actively bookmark and reuse numerous examples of content designed to enable idleness. Usually these pieces of content save me time, be more efficient, and just plain old get things done. Referring to these resources as “lazy content” in this post helps me create a headline that’s a bit catchier.

Below are a few examples of content that you can easily create to solve other people’s problems:

The Guest Post Resource: One of the best examples of lazy person content I know is this post by I have this resource saved in my Delicious bookmarks and have returned to use it over a dozen times to find new guest posting opportunities.

Why do I frequently return to this post? Simple. The article has made it extremely easy to find guest post targets that 1.) Get a lot of traffic. 2.) Have a similar topic to my blog. 3.) Accept guest posts.

No doubt this resource has saved me hours trying to manually locate blogs that fit all three of the above criteria.

The Make Money Resource: One of’s most popular blog posts is titled “30 Places that Pay You To Contribute an Article, Instantly.

This is another excellent example of content that solves a specific problem that applies to a select community of people (writer’s that want to make money). Instead of having to find these writing opportunities themselves, writers can refer to this list and start applying for paid gigs immediately.

The Blog Resource: Tom Ewer’s blog provides an excellent example of just how easy it can be to create a piece of content that is easily sharable (check out the 205 Tweets, 163 Likes, and 47 Google+ shares on this blog resource post) and solves a problem: people are always interested in finding more unique blogs on the topic they’re passionate about.

The Free Theme Resource: is a master of organizing information and tools from all over the internet and making it easy for their audience of techies to find. The nice thing about creating resources of tools or themes is that you don’t need to be a great writer or particularly clever to make them. Just test out a variety of products or online tools and organize the information in a nice package for others to use.

In conclusion, if you want your content to get shared and get return visits create a resource that makes it easy for people to solve their problems first. After you do, the traffic and social shares shouldn’t be far behind.

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