The Cost of Going Green Globally Infographic

The Cost of Going Green Globally Infographic image the cost of going green globallyThe Cost of Going Green Globally Infographic

Global pollution has so many effects that we almost cannot talk about all of them in just one article, we would definitely need an extensive book. From the greenhouse effect to the reduction of the ozone layer, as well as acid rain and loss of biodiversity, among other problems, the world is getting sicker day by day and we don’t even look worried about spending all the resources on the planet. But why is this happening?

The explanation lies in the fact that we keep cumulating pollution whose effects are felt only in the long term and although these problems have received special attention worldwide – since they are quickly growing in a short amount of time – they keep impacting the human life. Of course, the economic and ecological consequences of the reduction of the ozone layer and other pollution effects are also causing the disappearance of several animal and plant species, as well as causing genetic mutations.

Since all this is a real concern, we decided to try to find the cost of transforming the planet into a greener place. And it’s not even that expensive! To replace all the non-renewable fuel sources for renewable ones, the nations of the globe would only need to invest a little bit over 20 percent of the global wealth.

We keep wasting our resources and drying the Earth, so reacting and changing is mandatory. By interfering with the Earth’s assets and habitats, pollution can lead to imbalances that cause the reduction or extinction of entire species, causing the loss of biodiversity. We are watching variations in the temperature of the sea water, difficulties in the adjustment of certain species and many other problems that are causing an additional pressure in almost all ecosystems. We talk about money now, but will that still matter once we have lost important species and destroyed essential habitats?


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