Cosmetics range is inspired by Youtube comments

Youtube has helped cultivate an entire community of makeup lovers, offering tutorials and tips on how to achieve fashionable looks. Now one of its stars has created the em michelle phan range of cosmetics, which incorporates fans’ suggestions received on her Youtube channel.

Having struck up a deal with L’Oreal, Michelle Phan – whose tutorial videos regularly receive upwards of a million views – has launched her own line of makeup products. When deciding on the palettes and features of the range, Michelle turned to the community she has built up in the last few years for suggestions. Ideas from Youtube comments formed part of the design process, and the vlogger also traveled around the world to meet some of her viewers in the flesh to get their opinions and professional advice. Fans can now buy items in the em michelle phan collection for between USD 15 and USD 75. The video below explains more about how the range came into being:

Just as Canada’s BITE laboratory has helped customers mix their own beauty products in ten minutes, the em michelle phan range also gives consumers an input into the creation of the goods they use. Although we’ve seen crowdsourcing take off in the fashion industry, are there other sectors that could benefit?


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