The Corporate Culture Mindset [Infographic]

Finally we can put to rest to the “my-job-is-better-than-yours” argument. Compared to these businesses, your job will be found wanting. Enter the wonderful world of corporate culture: mid-day yoga class, grazing goats, and cereal rooms. Really, how could it get any better?

Before we get into what you’re missing out on, let’s define what exactly corporate culture is. It’s not just a set of awesome perks; it’s all part of a plan to produce optimul performance. A process of teamwork, individual behaviors, corporate norms and decision making.

Let’s take a look at Pixar, known for their incredible corporate culture. Where it’s pretty much everyone’s job to be creative, Pixar has ways of nurturing that creativity to bring it to life. With The Incredibles guarding offices, motivational posters that are actually motivating and the legendary cereal room.

Patagonia may make some of the best outdoor active apparel, and you’ll be happy to hear that it’s not all talk. They are just as dedicated to the great outdoors as you are, and it’s shown through their unique corporate culture. A priority for them is to do as little harm to the environment as possible and sent seven teams to help after the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill. Employees are encouraged to find a work/life balance that works for them. And if you’ve just got to stretch and let off some steam, there’s a yoga mat not too far from your office.

“Be Googly,” a sort of corporte inside joke for Google employees. What does it mean? Whatever you want it to mean, just be Googly. Google headquarters is like its own little town, complete with grass eating goats and a doctor in the house. Its famous 20% time where employees spend a day to pursue whatever it is that interests them.

So what is your corporate culture? Discuss in the comments below and check out this infographic presented by HumanResourcesMBA to learn more about other companies corporate culture.

The Corporate Culture Mindset [Infographic] image corporate cultureThe Corporate Culture Mindset [Infographic]

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