Copywriting: Sending Out An SOS Call

Copywriting: Sending Out An SOS Call image soscomputerCopywriting: Sending Out An SOS CallAlthough I’ve usually lived near an ocean, I’m not into beaches and boats. My idea of a major sea voyage is a ferry trip on a sightseeing boat.

Even on those ships, the crew makes sure we know they’ carry lots of life preservers. We see them stacked up in strategic places.

They know we all need to be rescued sometimes. And that’s also true for our marketing.

For instance, an experienced business owner, “Sally,” was really stuck on revising some pages for her website. She absolutely needed to get them done because she was getting some unexpected publicity. Hundreds of people would be descending on her site and she needed to be ready. It was crunch time and she wanted to showcase her business with pride.

“Bob” had so many things to do, his mind would draw a blank when he tried to write a sales letter. He just needed a boost to get started and he’d be off and running. If it didn’t happen soon, his campaign would be derailed.

My client “Teresa” had a terrific idea for a program for her own clients, but somehow the sales page didn’t work. When we revised the modules and delivery schedule for her program, everything fell into place.

When these things happen, most of us like to have someone we can call on. We need to start right away and move fast.

Until now, the only way to get an experienced copywriter/marketer on your side was to get a “done for you” project. For many busy, successful business owners, that’s still the most profitable solution.

But if you’re almost there, you just don’t have time, you need a quick boost, or you’d just like to brainstorm, I’ve got two solutions.

Just released…

SOS Copywriting: The Quick Fix That Brings Long-Lasting Benefit

and you can always choose ….

Your Video Tutorial (fun and fast review of what you’ve written)

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