Convenience Playing A Role In The Surge Of MBA Enrollments (Infographic)

Nearly one-third of academic enrollment across the United States is in online degree programs.  Today, students of all ages can earn an Associate, Bachelor or Master’s degree online through one of many accredited universities offering online college degrees.  For professionals seeking to upgrade their education credentials to an MBA, they now have the freedom to choose to complete their degree online, from the comfort of their home or office, regardless if it is 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m.

When online college degrees were new in the market, many critics believed the quality of education was not on par with traditional classroom learning.  However, the pendulum is swinging and now 77% of academic leaders believe online learning is of equal, or better quality than traditional classroom learning.  Online MBA degree programs have altered coursework for the online environment, and the knowledge of their professional students while supporting their commitment to a high-quality education.  Many faculty members that teach in on-campus settings do double duty and teach in the online environment as well.

When selecting an online MBA program, it is essential to carefully evaluate the school, the program, and the success of the alumni.  One of the best ways to do that is to ensure that the program is accredited through Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (“ACSB”). While there are many accrediting bodies, the ACSB is the most prestigious and coveted by business schools across the world.  Accrediting criteria includes evaluation of alumni success, national rankings, school history, and more.

MBA programs are available with a variety of concentrations allowing professionals to focus on the area or industry that best correlates with their long-term career goals.  Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, Leadership, and many more are available to select from.  While online classes give students the freedom to complete their assignments, view lectures and take examinations at their convenience, most online MBA programs do require onsite attendance of workshops, typically 3 or 4 days in length.  These are important as they allow students and faculty members to come together to collaborate and network.

MBA graduates earn $40,000 per year more than their peers with a bachelor’s degree. Unlike MBA programs that are designed for bachelor degree graduates, these online programs are carefully structured to support the needs of busy working professionals.  In addition to flexible courses, many are pleased that the GMAT is not required for the acceptance to the programs, but a professional work history is.

When you are ready to earn an MBA degree, do your homework in advance to ensure that you are selecting a highly regarded and accredited degree program that offers the specialization you desire.

Convenience Playing A Role In The Surge Of MBA Enrollments (Infographic) image Rise of Online MBAConvenience Playing A Role In The Surge Of MBA Enrollments (Infographic)

Infographic courtesy of Ohio University’s Online MBA Program.

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