Continuously-recording ‘nanocopter’ films users’ every move

    By Tom | Small Business

    We’ve already seen jeans that can make status updates on social networks easier, as well as continuous recording from Looxcie, an ear-mounted camcorder that has provided a way for people to film everything they see. Combining elements of both of these, the MeCam device is a camera that hovers continuously around the user, enabling them to stream live video of their life.

    Unveiled earlier in the year at CES 2013, the MeCam consists of a miniature video recorder and chip mounted on a platform surrounded by four rotor blades that keep it in the air. The device does not require a remote control and instead relies on voice command technology. Users can tell it to move up or down, or select the ‘Follow Me’ function – which uses 14 sensors and three stabilization algorithms to ensure the camera is always at close proximity. A sound filter strips any recordings of motor noise. Video can then be streamed through iOS and Android smartphones and uploaded onto social networks. The following video explains more about how the device works:

    The MeCam is still in development and Always Innovating – the team behind the concept – are currently looking for licencers. Once it hits the market the creators believe it will retail at around USD 49. One to get in on early?


    Spotted by: Katherine Noyes

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