What is Content Marketing and Why Should I Care About It? (For Beginners)

What is Content Marketing and Why Should I Care About It? (For Beginners) image what is content marketing why should I careWhat is Content Marketing and Why Should I Care About It? (For Beginners)Let me start off by saying that content marketing is not selling.

Successful content marketing does lead to sales and can certainly be seen as a single, measurable metric that, when accurately tracked through data, does deliver substantial return on investment.

For me, content marketing is simply the creation of unique content that you choose to share online with predetermined goals that you can measure, test and build on with future content development.

Examples include:

  • How-to guides
  • Advice pieces
  • Check-lists
  • Industry news articles
  • Infographics
  • Educational white papers

Content driven

Everything is content driven. The better the content you create and the more you are able to align this great content to your target demographic and genuinely add value to your niche, the more your content will drive results.

Conversations are led by content, relationships are nurtured with content and new business thrives on content.

Value proposition

I do not see all content that is published online as content marketing. Two clear principals must be adhered to (in my opinion) for something to be seen as content marketing.

Firstly, the content in question has to deliver value to the audience that it was intended for. Content that doesn’t provide value is simply ‘noise’ in an already crowded space. To market something of value you must have a unique selling point – I always like to look at anything that I write or read in this way.

Secondly, you need to be developing content that has an end result – as we are marketing with this content, the end result should include areas like; engaging prospects, nurturing target demographics and moving prospects through the buying cycle through education.


Try to be clear in your mind about the difference between nurturing, engaging and educating as opposed to selling.

Every conversation started with new content that you develop is a success story waiting to happen. The on-going creation of free, unique and value-add content that places your business as a trusted and reliable resource for information specific to your industry generates many gains.

Who would have thought that simply communicating free information with a purpose would tangibly impact on brand awareness and loyalty, customer acquisition and retention as well as inbound marketing success?

I hope that this post has engaged you, added value to your day and encourages you to write or purchase some great content for marketing.

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