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Content Marketing in the Political Arena image Content marketing politics 2Content Marketing in the Political ArenaThe talk of the town over the last week has been nothing but politics. With another Labor reshuffle only months before the Federal Election, the sparring between the two parties leading up to election day is sure to be intriguing! But if this campaign was to be won and lost on content marketing alone, who would be the winner?

First, let’s take a look at the contenders. In the Liberal corner is Tony Abbott versus Kevin Rudd from the Labor corner. Both have a sizeable support base going into the matchup, so let’s check out the stats.


Tony Abbott

If you Google “Tony Abbott”, you’ll find his very own microsite appears at number one in the SERPs. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the look and feel of the site, with clear links to social platforms, a Twitter feed and recent articles on the homepage. Without getting into too much detail, the content itself is up to date, well-written and interlinks to related political and government sites. Overall it’s a nicely designed and maintained website.

Score: 8/10

Kevin Rudd

When searching for “Kevin Rudd” in Google, his Twitter page is the first owned media platform that comes up. Much lower down the rankings, you’ll find a site (a blogger website) called Kevin Connects, which explains why it won’t be found by most users as the title is not optimised. I was a little confused about whether this was an official Kevin Rudd website, as it isn’t well-presented and quite basic in design and format. Although the content mostly consists of press releases and speeches, it hasn’t been updated regularly and doesn’t offer too many insights from a user point of view. Overall, the site is confusing and lacks basic functionality.

Score: 4/10

Social media

Tony Abbott’s official Facebook page has more than 37,000 followers. Browsing through the page, I noticed it hadn’t been updated for a few days. However, the content that was posted, whether images or written posts, were all pretty good quality and received good fan engagement. Most importantly it seems to focus on quality rather than quantity, and I guess this reflects the impressive engagement rate the page receives – 33 per cent (12,404 ‘talking about’ from 37,540 followers at time of writing). In terms of Twitter, Abbott has a cool 139,000+ followers and updates his feed fairly regularly.

Facebook score 7/10
Twitter score 7/10

Kevin Rudd understandably has a much larger Facebook following, probably due to him being Prime Minister and being a leading politician for a longer period of time (and the fact that he has and will continue to be something of ‘rock-star’ political figure). The content is up to date and also has really good user engagement. The impression I got from his page is a slightly more professional feel compared to Abbott’s community/family tone. Overall the engagement is the impressive part, with 36 per cent. Rudd’s Twitter feed is similarly popular, boasting an impressive 1.2 million followers with regular updates.

Facebook score 8/10
Twitter score 8/10


  • Images: Tony Abbott has a Flickr account while Kevin Rudd has Instagram with around 35,000 followers.
  • Video: Tony Abbott links to the Liberal Youtube Channel for all his videos. Kevin Rudd has his own Youtube Channel.
  • Google+: Both have pages set up, however (as is so often the case with poor old Google+), not much is going on with that platform. Still, this could be the dark horse in years to come!

Abbott score 6/10
Rudd score 7/10

Overall, the social pages are neck and neck, but I was disappointed with Kevin Rudd’s website. In contrast, Tony Abbott’s microsite has excellent links to all his social platforms, up-to-date content and it’s much easier to navigate and can be easily found in search engines.

Let’s see how the scores ended up.

Tony Abbott: 28
Kevin Rudd: 27

And the winner is Tony Abbott! I wonder if the polls will reflect a similar result…

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