Content Marketing Must Compel and Engage – Q&A with Freelance Writer Michael Chibuzor

Content Marketing Must Compel and Engage – Q&A with Freelance Writer Michael Chibuzor image miko 292x300Content Marketing Must Compel and Engage – Q&A with Freelance Writer Michael Chibuzor

Content marketing has become an indispensable tactic in promoting your company online. It allows you to build links to your website through your content, which also encourages readers to buy into your business.

The difficult part about content marketing is its execution – making an engaging piece of content that pulls readers to a desired call to action is the biggest challenge writers will have to face. It will take a writer with lots of experience to understand the intricacies of doing content marketing the right way.

Freelance writer Michael Chibuzor is one such person. He gave up his 9-5 job since 2007 to write for a living and has never looked back ever since. His personal website Content Marketing Up is an engaging read that chronicles the wisdom he’s acquired throughout the years of writing about SEO and online marketing.

I caught up with Michael for my questions about starting a career as an online writer and the qualities needed to become an effective content marketer.

1. What led you to a career in content marketing and SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has also been my best topic. When you consider the fact that organic traffic is more targeted than any other source of traffic, you’d immerse yourself into it. If your site successfully ranks in Google first page, you’d definitely build a profitable business – that’s why I’m an SEO guy.I decided to pursue content marketing because it’s the best way to reach target audience, understand their problems and proffer solutions. It’s not the only way, but it’s the most subtle.

2. Who were the people that inspired you to pursue a career in online marketing?

Well, I had a lot of savvy online entrepreneurs who have imparted my life greatly. In affiliate marketing, Ewen Chia is my mentor.

At content marketing and SEO, which happens to be my specialty now, Brian Clark ( is my inspiration. He’s inspired me to focus on quality content, above all things. And I’ve no regrets whatsoever.

3. What were your worst experiences as a freelancer and how were you able to overcome them?

In 2011, when I started my freelance writing blog at, I struggled for 3 months to attract potential clients who can hire me.

It was my greatest nightmare as a writer. There is no shortcut to overcoming lack of clients, than to continue marketing.

But one thing I did that changed my writing career was this: I started writing guest posts and getting them featured at A-list blogs. Suddenly, serious entrepreneurs started contacting me to write for them. And the pay was decent. Lol!

For freelancers out there, don’t be tempted to quit if that’s your passion – keep marketing yourself and you’d smile sooner than you expected.

4. What do you think are the traits that every content marketer should have in order to be successful?

I’ve two traits that have kept me going, despite the odds against freelancing. And I believe every content marketer MUST develop these traits.

The first thing is to challenge yourself to always write compelling content; valuable, simple and well optimized for both readers and search engines. And second, confidence.

Whatever you want in life is obtainable – but you must take risks, move a step further knowing that the only difference between ordinary freelancers and extraordinary freelancers is that “extra.”

5. What do you think about the future of SEO? Given the multiple changes that SEO has undergone throughout the years, do you think that content is still “king?”

The future of SEO is engagement. Google is gradually tweaking their algorithm, in order to build a better web experience for both users and advertisers. The only sites that would survive subsequent updates are those that create engagement and social influence.

Make sure that your articles are helpful. But more importantly, ask your target audience to give feedback. A profitable site isn’t built by “YOU.” Get other people involved and your success would be spontaneous.

6. If you met a person interested to learn about content marketing, what resources or sites will you point the person to?

Content marketing comprises of several topics. For example, email marketing, SEO, copywriting and so on. I’ve written some good resource posts that anyone can use. Here you go:

Content Marketing 101 – The Ultimate Guide To Attract Blog Readers
Six Steps To Solve Reader’s Problems With Content Marketing
The Eminem Guide To Becoming A Writing And Marketing Machine
Email Marketing 101 – How to Grow a Mailing List and Make More Money
The A-Z of Guest Posting To Enhance Your Business

7. If you were to condense all of your knowledge and experience in content marketing into one advice for our readers, what would it be?

My advice is simple – it’s better to be a great marketer than a good content writer. If you can market yourself effectively, you’d record tremendous success in your business. Yes, quality content is king but when the King is without a queen, how effective is that Kingdom?

Marketing is the Queen – give it your entire focus and don’t neglect to write. And you can learn more about effective marketing here.

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