Content Marketing: Keep the Conversation Going

Content Marketing: Keep the Conversation Going image ID 10056679 300x202Content Marketing: Keep the Conversation GoingContent marketing has been a topic that I have focused on a lot in 2013. It is the difference-maker if you are a blogger and a marketer.

What I am finding out through this process is that people do appreciate fresh, consistent content. The consistency is the key. It is amazing to me that people even read some of the information I write about. I admit I have my good days and my bad. The main thing is I keep at it and I keep writing.

The writing helps put me in touch with people I connect with. I want to write about relevant, innovative information. People are hungry for information, especially information that produces results. I can tell you that if you are writing blog posts for your company or yourself and you are using social media as a channel for distribution, people will notice your writing. Think of all the people who are on social media and notice those that have a blog that they continually update. These are the people you want to connect with. These are the people who are taking the time to write and share great content. Blogging gives you the extra branding piece that helps people identify you and your company.

Just this week a vendor who I connected with on Linkedin, stopped by our company to talk to one of our lab technicians. On the way out, she asked if she could talk to the person who updates the company blog site. She told me that she enjoys the information on the site, because no other customers have anything like it on their site. She agreed that some of the posts are funny, enlightening and entertaining, but she really appreciated that the information was updated on a regular basis and genuinely interesting.

I will tell you now, if you start blogging, people are watching and reading. The next conference you attend, people will want to engage with you because they remember something you wrote about yourself, your company or more importantly the clients and industry you are in.

People connect with people and your content can speak volumes to people and keep your message fresh in their minds. Consider starting your own blog site or updating your company blog site. Content is the one piece that can help keep your message fresh and even viral at times.

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