Content Marketing: 5 (Simple) Ideas for Businesses with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Content Marketing: 5 (Simple) Ideas for Businesses with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget image poppinbottles1poppinbottles

If you’re anything like me, there is nothing better than a great deal. Being able to do a lot with a little is simply awesome. The same thing can be said about your business’s content marketing strategy. Creating customized content is not cheap and is very time consuming. However, I’ve created a list of five simple and easy marketing ideas you can use to generate excellent content – on the cheap.

Interview Your Ideal Customer: You know this person by name. He or she is your business’s biggest advocate. Not only does this person follow your business on twitter, comment and like every post on Facebook, and post reviews on Yelp, but also they have talked about you and your business for years. Leverage this enthusiasm. Schedule a casual, sit-down interview and just talk. The information you will gain from this information is content gold. Use their words as testimonials, blog articles, and social media posts. Take pictures. Shoot a video. Feature them on your website. The amount of content and inspiration you will receive out of a simple conversation is incredible.

Employee Spotlight: Who doesn’t love attention? Trick question Everyone loves attention. Your employees are literally a content goldmine. You can write about recent accomplishments, profile employees in blog posts, and share their great work on social media. Get creative with it (Pro Tip: Grab some baby pictures and have a “Who Is That Baby?” contest on Facebook) and make sure you don’t forget to wish all of your employees happy birthdays. By shining the spotlight on your employees, you give your brand an identity. Even more, you create a positive culture around your office.

Vine, Vine, and Vine: For those who don’t know, Vine is the latest and greatest social media app. The Twitter-owned video-sharing app lets users to create six second looping videos made for sharing on social media sites. Vine allows literally anyone with a smart phone to become a videographer, as editing is a piece of cake. Super easy (and free), use Vine to make and share fun videos. Many brands have gotten really creative with it, so do some research on how your competition is (or isn’t) using Vine and execute.

Create a Customer To-Do List: You know your business better than anyone else. Think of all of the questions you and your staff are asked everyday and write a quick 10-step buyer’s guide to help your customers with the process. When you outline the steps of what your customer needs to be doing, you are creating a better user experience for the buyer. Make this to-do list readily available on all customer-facing outlets (Website, Blog, Social, Direct Mail, etc.). Consider working with a graphic designer to create a nice, high-quality look for your checklist.

User-Generated Content: It’s there. It’s free. Use it. Your social media followers are talking about your business. They are Tweeting, Instagramming and Pinning their way into the heart of your business. Repost their ‘Grams, Tweets, and Vines. Collect them and use them into a blog post. Use what your brand advocates are saying as inspiration for future content. Need help getting users to generate this content? Just ask. Invite your followers and blog readers to start sharing. You could also start a contest to trigger this. User-generated content is one of the best ways to curate amazing content because it is real.

Creating amazing content that your customers love does not have to be expensive and laborious. Start with these 5 steps and see how you do. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d put my money on you.

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