Consumers Pick Top 50 Online Retailers Of 2013 (Infographic)

    By Nick Dan-Bergman | Small Business

    After surveying 5,600 consumers to find out which online stores top the charts, Prosper Insights and Analytics found that remains an online retail powerhouse. Of those surveyed, 58 percent chose as the “most preferred online merchant,” picked three times as often as the No. 2 According to Prosper’s survey, following behind Amazon and Walmart is No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5

    So, what is it that makes number one? “Amazon makes it easy for shoppers to return to the site again and again,” Pam Goodfellow, consumer insights director at Prosper, said to “The Subscribe & Save program is a good example of that. There’s one-click ordering, and ship-to addresses are stored for shoppers. When something is convenient, shoppers gravitate to it.”

    Retailers are starting to pick up on the trends and invest more into their online stores. Seven online retailers made their debut on the top 50 list this year, including notable brands like at No. 39 and at No. 42.

    Consumers Pick Top 50 Online Retailers Of 2013 (Infographic) image Top Retailers1Consumers Pick Top 50 Online Retailers Of 2013 (Infographic)

    Infographic Designed By: Gil Rodriguez & Nick Dan-Bergman

    Here at Terralever, we found it somewhat surprising that forward-thinking fashion retailers and didn’t make their way onto the list this year and that, despite a bout of negative PR, held on to their spot in the top 10. In some respects the biggest shocker of them all is, or as some people call it, the Amazon Showroom. A No. 5 ranking for the company that has been the butt of so many jokes is pretty impressive if you ask me.

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