Consumers ‘paint’ a pizza online for delivery to the door

We’ve already seen at least one design-your-own pizza service, but Paint Your Pizza takes that premise a step or two further. Rather than simply allowing users to choose the ingredients they’d like included in their handmade pie, the new project from Swedish artist Jonas Lund works just the way you might think it does: customers paint a picture of the pizza they’d like, and then receive its real-life likeness for actual consumption.

New York-based Paint Your Pizza arose from another project Lund created last year called The Paintshop, which offers a platform on which online users can collaboratively paint pictures and then sell their creations for a price set by a continuously updating mathematical algorithm. Now focusing instead on the ever-popular culinary medium, Paint Your Pizza offers an online “canvas” on which visitors can create the image of their dream pizza. Examples currently displayed on the site include “Mona Pizza,” “Hogwarts,” “Kitten Pizza” and “Don Pepperoni.” Through a partnership with New York City’s Famous Original Ray’s Pizza, customers can then order an edible version of their creation for delivery to the door. Pricing ranges from USD 31 to USD 64 for an 18-inch pie. The video below demonstrates the premise in action:

Paint Your Pizza from JONAS LUND on Vimeo.

After launching at the Eyebeam Art + Technology annual showcase in January, Paint Your Pizza is now searching for additional partner pizzerias in other locales, according to an Animal report. Restaurateurs and artists around the globe: one for inspiration!


Spotted by: Lily Dixon

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