Conquer Your Social Media Fears

Conquer Your Social Media Fears image medium 7316216622Conquer Your Social Media FearsWhat part of social media scares you the most?

  • Time commitment
  • ROI
  • Becoming more transparent
  • Blogging
  • Conversations

These items are all very real fears. Your biggest fear should be the following:

( ( Ignoring Social Media ) )

All of the items above do require an investment in time, (listening) and educating yourself on the basics on how social media can be an important part of your marketing initiatives.

In addition, you should also be afraid of this important fact in 2013″


This last item is where companies should beat with respect to their 2013 initiatives. If you are still learning about social media or have given up, you may want to reconsider.

By integrating social media into your other marketing channels like client service, trade shows, brochures, blogs and content management, you have now taken your social media experience to a new level and you are starting to see how all of these channels work much better as integrated parts versus stand-alone projects. Believe me, it takes time to integrate social media into other channels.

The last piece of advice. Get in the game! Read last weeks post for more information.

( ( Take Your Social Media Game to a New Level ) )

Start integrating social media into your other channels today. You will see results in a big way.
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