Connect with Great People for the Right Reasons

Connect with Great People for the Right Reasons image ID 10039003Connect with Great People for the Right ReasonsI want to throw this comment out there for you to think about.

Today, there are so many superficial connections. Names are being tossed around like follower counts, likes and pluses. You can see this especially on Linkedin and I am embarrassed to say that when I started on Linkedin, I thought connection counts were very important. I have received a call or two regarding my Linkedin account like the following:

I see you are connected with (Name) from this particular (Company). Would you be willing to introduce me to them?

I look up the particular contact and realize we just connected on a whim and I really do not know that much about the person or the work that he or she does.

My point here is that in the last two years, I have changed my tune completely with respect to the connections I make. I want to follow fewer people and get to know them better, then connecting with the masses. For me it makes for a better, quality experience.

Some other reasons to connect with the right people.

  • Improved trust with respect to relationships
  • Deeper connections – Will get to understand people better
  • Possibility to be advocates for each other and promote each other
  • More powerful brand recognition
  • Chance to meet other great people from your deeper connections
  • Better use of time – Only concentrating on following a few really great people rather than trying to sort through the clutter

If you are not having a good experience on a particular social media site like Twitter, maybe its time to take a closer look at who you are following. At one time, I followed over 20,000 people. I had some cool numbers, but very few connections. Today, I follow less than 1,000, probably a little high, but I have found some of these people to be some very valuable resources.

Today, I don’t get caught up in numbers. I’ll let other marketing people worry about that. I am looking for a better experience and I have found more success using this approach than I ever did early on building counts.

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