Need To Conduct A Survey? Here Are Your 6 Best Options

Need To Conduct A Survey? Here Are Your 6 Best Options image Here Are 6 Types Of Survey Tools You May Want To Look At 300x168Need To Conduct A Survey? Here Are Your 6 Best OptionsUser feedback is one of the most important forms of input a company should seek. There are different ways to get answers, and in this post we’d like to present you with a few of your possible options!

Send Out Surveys Via Email

You have a few options when it comes to survey creators – our favorite is SurveyGizmo. It’s easy to set up, lets you create a survey with different types of questions and saves it under a unique URL. Once submitted, you’ll be able to follow your incoming survey results while SurveyGizmo creates an analysis in form of graphs and statistics.

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to distribute surveys within emails, stop looking. At the moment there is only Google Drive, which offers the option to create a Form. The downside is that the person who takes the survey cannot determine whether his answers were sent through or not (since there is no “thanks, answer submitted” message), and may submit several times and distort your survey results.

Embed A Full Survey On Your Website

With Survs you can create full surveys to be sent via email, but you can also embed them on your site if you like. Sign up, create your survey, publish it and see results coming through in real time. You can add users to your survey and assign roles such as distributor, analyzer and editor to your colleagues.

Add A Widget On Your Site

If you love the way Apple software is designed, you should definitely check out You can build a beautiful survey widget for your website and embed it anywhere you like – full size or on the side bar. It is full costumizable and comes in two color schemes. You can add questions about the demographics of a survey taker like nationality and industry to get a better picture of your audience’s opinion.

Embed A Rating System, Quiz or Poll On Your Site

Sometimes you don’t need a full survey on your site. All you want is a simple star rating system. Then you need Polldaddy. Polldaddy offers the most diverse selection of ratings. Choose between star ratings and thumbs up/thumbs down ratings – and fully customize their look!

Ask A Quick A/B Question To Your Site

You’ve certainly come across websites that have a popup embedded on the bottom right of their site, right? Ever wondered what this was for? Well, there are two options: It’s either a chat room, or it’s a survey. If it is a survey, you are most likely looking at a Qualaroo widget. This popup could help you ask a quick question to the visitor – and help you understand how they perceive your website.

Bonus: Survey People In Style On The Street

Even traditional surveying on the street is being overtaken by innovative tech startups. Instead of using pen & paper you can now use FormAgent – provided you have a tablet or smartphone to use it on. It works like this: First go online and produce your survey. Download the FormAgent app on your device. Then survey people and have them fill out the survey on the device directly. You’ll be able to analyse results on your FormAgent dashboard again.

Do you use any other type of survey or poll to collect opinions from your audience? If so, share them with us in the comments! Visit us on Mevvy to find even more great tools and apps for your market research!

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