Condoms come with motherly advice


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Safe sex is an important issue, especially for young adults who are just coming of age, but it’s probably parents that worry the most. Hoping to give moms a way to broach the subject in a tongue-in-cheek manner, Momdoms are contraceptives that offer a motherly warning to young users.

Most people don’t like to entertain sex and their mothers within the same thought, but Kevin and Wayne — the creators of Momdoms — had a nurse for a mom, who wasn’t shy about offering advice regarding the birds and the bees. Because of this, the pair believe they’ve acquired a much healthier attitude to sex and want to give today’s parents the same confidence. Rather than attempting a dry or serious conversation about safe sex, Momdoms enable moms to use humor as a tool to get the message across. The tins, which offer six condoms for USD 12, come with innuendo-laden slogans such as ‘Be careful of the crabs!’ and ‘Protects against a fishy smell’, as well as more straightforward motherly rebukes like ‘Because I said so!’. As Kevin and Wayne say: “Turns out that moms and sex are an interesting combination, making anyone, not just parents, get a kick out of Momdoms.”

Whether Momdoms actually encourage young adults to practise safe sex or simply cause a whole load of embarrassment is up for debate, but the condoms do succeed in at least causing discussion about the issue. How else can contraceptives be made more appealing for young people?


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