What Concepts are Right at the Heart of Inbound Marketing?

One of the principals behind inbound marketing – which you may very well be aware of, is that it is designed to accompany your target buyers, or your target market, through their decision-making process. Put simply, you are looking to guide your buyer through awareness and interest to information, and, ultimately, towards a transaction.

That attraction and engagement process online is really at the heart of inbound marketing, and it is designed to enable your audience to really enjoy and consume the content that you produce and that will help them to come to a good decision.

In a little more detail, there are some stages that we would define as part of that process. For example, the funnel is a common metaphor for inbound marketing. What you are looking to do is bring people through the stages of finding valuable content through first engaging with them, then helping them to stay engaged over a period of time to the point where they are ready to make that all important decision, and beyond.

Above is a very beautiful heart icon from Hubspot that brings together the concepts of both context and content.

So, the content that your buyers love will attract them and the fact that you are able to map that content to their areas of interest – that is really a concept around personalization (think Amazon); where you can monitor what people are consuming, and understand what it is that they are interested in, and provide them with more indepth & useful information, based on their own areas of interest.

These concepts are right at the heart of inbound marketing and will really help you to build a scalable and repeatable process.

And remember, it’s super important to spend some really thoughtful time understanding the people that you want to engage with, understanding what they really care about and what issues are keeping them up at night, and don’t forget to think about how they’re decision making process might run in terms of the information that they need.

Then, having done that work, map your content to the stages your buyers are looking to go through and give them some truly awesome content that keeps them coming back to you and brings them through the funnel to your door where they will be ready to make the right decision.

If you would like to listen to our recent Q&A webinar session with experts Johnny Mone of Brightfire and Jeetu Mahtani Managing Director at Hubspot International it’s totally free to access and you can explore further how to:

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        • Build your audience and extend your reach

What Concepts are Right at the Heart of Inbound Marketing? image Webinar CTAListen to Inbound Marketing Webinar

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