Concept store enables customers to make and share their own digital ‘look book’

    By Tom | Small Business

    One thing that fashion trends often rely on is consumers spreading the word – something that Replay’s Social Denim jeans picked up on with their instant sharing facility. Now the recently opened Karl Lagerfeld Store in Amsterdam is enabling online sharing of new looks straight from the changing room.

    As well as featuring iPads around the showroom – which visitors can use to browse and purchase items from the designer’s online store and leave comments on the Karl Lagerfeld Facebook page – each changing room in the venue comes with a wall-mounted touchscreen and camera. Customers can use the device to take images of the items they’re trying on, add Instagram-style filters and then share the looks with their friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. As well as providing a fun opportunity for consumers to share their favorite styles, the idea also helps the brand leverage its fans to spread the word about its new products. The video below shows the store on its opening day:

    The Karl Lagerfeld Store in Amsterdam is an example of how merging of the online and offline worlds can engage audiences and promote brands as forward-thinking. Could this concept be replicated in other areas of the retail industry?


    Spotted by: Lily Dixon

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