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See that man in the photograph at right, yes that’s me Paul Brewster Proprietor at eapb Marketing Consultancy. By now I know what you’re thinking –  yes well done Paul, marvellous, a really poor effort at self-publicity. Thanks but no thanks Mr Brewster!

BUT WAIT. There is a serious point to this story and it’s one which I (with increasing frustration) come across day in day out on my travels seeing and viewing the websites of small and medium sized businesses (SME’s).

I could almost guarantee that on 90% of all the SME business and company websites I get the pleasure of trawling through every month, there is never any mention of the PERSON or PEOPLE behind the business. This is where so many business owners fail to grasp the difference between, for example, high street retail and E-Commerce.

For instance: When somebody walks into your kitchen and bathroom high street showroom they will/should be greeted by a human being – it’s at this point that value starts to be added by the face-to-face interaction – We can start the process of marketing/selling by conversations. Contrast this with 90% of the company (website) introductions I see:

“We are passionate about providing our customers with a total quality bathroom solution to meet their needs” (What does this banal drivel mean?).

“We provide all the expertise and services required” (And…)

“Giving you peace of mind and one point of contact” (Contact? Do you want me to guess?!).

Thus, central to the content/design of your company website should be the mind-set of “How are we going to create engaging conversations with this searcher’? Well, surprisingly most good conversations start with an INTRODUCTION?

So the moral of this story is. If the conversation starts with a visit to your company website – then please tell me who you are? what your name is? Who is the team behind the business? So I know who it is I am trusting with my £25,000 investment in a new kitchen/windows/conservatory etc..!

I want to BUY from YOU!

In difficult economic times, where differentiation is TOUGH. Remember, whilst it is increasingly difficult to find difference in what you do.


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