How to Make Your Company’s Important Data Safe and Secure

Company data is very vital for the smooth running of any organization and with hacker’s ever changing tactics, it is vital to put in place some quality & important measures to ensure that your important company data is kept very safe and secure. Lost or stolen data can lead to the loss of vital company secrets. Here we take a look at some of the best ways to make your company’s data safe and secure from both hackers and other third parties.

How to Make Your Company’s Important Data Safe and Secure image data security 300x200How to Make Your Company’s Important Data Safe and Secure

Work closely with your IT department:

Ensure that all the necessary security features that are recommended by your IT department are installed as soon as possible. Installations like firewalls and anti-viruses should be installed and then the IT department should be tasked to update these regularly to ensure that the installed security measures are up and running at all times. This will lead to the early detection of any attacks by potential hackers or other third parties intent on stealing vital company data.

Use Strong Passwords:

Passwords provide the first defense for your computer and company data and prevent data access by un authorized personal. Weak passwords will tend to make it very simple for hackers to gain access to your computer and data. Avoid using passwords that are so predictable like names of directors or passwords related to company names. Strong passwords normally give hackers a hard time to crack and some of the attributes of a strong password include:

  • Must be at least 8 characters long and contain a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols if possible.
  • Must be differ greatly from your user name, company name or real name
  • Should not contain complete dictionary words
  • Should be different from previous passwords.

Change passwords frequently:

It is also advisable to frequently alter your passwords especially every time an employee leaves the company. All the passwords for important files should as well be changed to ensure that previous employees do not access your data from other sources as your secrets could end up being revealed to competitors.

Use of Static code analysis:

This is an automated code review that helps to detect errors in software source codes. The analysis helps programmers to detect future errors and is thus an ideal way to prevent errors that could be a result of attempted hacking or access by third parties. It also helps to detect software errors that could lead to potential data loss. 

Keep private/ secret data on specific computers. For sensitive company data, it is vital to keep them on private computers and not public computers or networks. To restrict access to the data, you can also encrypt and password protect the data on private computers. You can also use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to restrict the people who gain access to these computers containing private company data. DRM will only allow users to edit but not print out the info.

Use third party data management companies:

You can as well outsource the management of sensitive customer data to large and professional data management companies. There are a variety of data management firms that will securely keep and protect your private company data. However, look for firms with proven track record.

Avoid opening questionable emails:

Hackers have gone to a new level, even using emails to gain access to your system therefore every time you receive a suspicious email, report the case to your IT department and have them deal with it amicably.

The above measures should be effective in keeping your important company data safe, sound and very secure.

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