What a Community Manager Does [Infographic]

What a Community Manager Does [Infographic] image bb7e76ed473bf918d20be02f4d193099What a Community Manager Does [Infographic]

January 28th is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Yes, there is such a thing.

The idea was kicked-off back in 2010 by web authority, Jeremiah Owyang, and now takes place every 4th Monday of January. The ostensible point to recognize the “behind-the-scenes” influence of online community managers around the world who use content and social media to maintain brands and engage customers.

A great reference  article written last year identifies seven objectives for the successful community manager:

1. Drive Awareness

2. Improve Public Perception

3. Enhance Customer Service & Support

4. Create Advocates

5. Collect Analysis & Feedback

6. Educate Users

7. Drive Acquisition

And the folks at  Carousel 30 put together this infographic to help illustrate what these influential people do.

What a Community Manager Does [Infographic] image c30 community management infographic1What a Community Manager Does [Infographic]

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