Collar-mounted tracker quantifies dogs

    By Tom | Small Business

    There are an increasing number of ways for humans to quantify the different aspects of their existence, from their emotions to their teeth cleaning. Now, Whistle enables dog owners to monitor their pets’ activity, health and time together, to better understand their animal.

    Using an accelerometer and a wifi or Bluetooth connection, the device – which can be attached to any dog collar – relays information such as time spent walking, playing and resting to the owner’s iPhone. Combined with details about the dog’s breed, age, sex and size, the data is specific enough to enable users to determine the quality of sleep, whether the dog is catching a ball or playing with other dogs. Users can track this information over time and set goals for their pet, sharing with friends over social networks when they achieve them. However, the device could also be useful for noting anomalies in dogs’ behavior, which could be key to detecting illnesses early and allowing owners to put preventative measures in place. The video below shows the product in action:

    Those looking to get their hands on the Whistle can pre-order for USD 99.95. The team behind Whistle has indicated that it will continue to add features to the device – perhaps to let owners check up on their dog’s nutrition – as well as branching out to other kinds of pets.


    Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage

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