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    By Kassia Gardner | Small Business

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    Whilst I’ve had some time off over the school summer holidays I’ve been looking and re-evaluating my own marketing plan, and I’d like to share with you a new marketing strategy I’ve been implementing since late August. I’ve nicknamed it the ‘coffee strategy’.

    Basically, this marketing strategy revolves around having a catch-up coffee* with at least one friend, running buddy, friend of a friend, client or person I’ve met networking once a week.

    Now this might sound a lot like arranging a 1-2-1 but these ‘coffee strategy’ meetings are completely unfocused and have no agenda. I’m not there to try and sell my services or to spend time with key referral partners or potential clients, I’m there just to have a coffee and get to know a person a bit better.

    Now this unfocused marketing activity, especially when it comes to friends, running buddies and friends of friends, might seem a pointless. I mean, is it really going to get me new business?

    Probably not, but…

    Co-incidences happen, and if you only ever have focused meetings with prospects and people you want to refer you then you miss out on these co-incidences.

    I’m talking about co-incidences such as finding out that one of my running buddies runs a training business, so when I needed help pricing up a training course I could pick her brains to help me determine my pricing. Perhaps the partner of the person you had coffee with last week is a business owner who needs your help.

    Even if I don’t get any business from ‘the coffee strategy’ over the next year I’ll get to have 45-50 face-face-face meetings, that’s 45-50 conversations with (hopefully) a nice coffee.I know that wWord-of-mouth referrals are the best way to grow my business but before I get those referrals I need to build relationships. And that is ultimately what my marketing strategy and the ‘coffee strategy’ is all about. It’s not about the sale, it’s about building relationships. And who knows where that will lead.

    Why not use the comments field below to tell me about your marketing strategy. Does it involve unfocused meetings like my ‘coffee strategy’? Do you think my ‘coffee strategy’ is a good idea? Why?

    Until next time…

    P.S. If you fancy catching up over a coffee in or around the Milton Keynes area, then give me a call or send me an email.

    *Other drinks are available.

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