How to Coach 1-2-1 Effectively

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Coaching your staff is extremely important.

A weekly 1-2-1 with agents should be a vital part of your routine.

These coaching sessions should include actions as well as reviews and should be done quickly and efficiently, lasting no longer than 10-15 minutes per agent. This means you will need to prepare all of your 1-2-1’s well in advance to coach effectively.

In order to aid your coaching sessions, Bellcom Worldwide have developed 2 free templates, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Your 1-2-1 coaching sessions should happen during a set period every week. Send out meeting requests individually with a recurring weekly setting activated.
Give the agent a short outline of what the meeting will entail, which will also allow them to prepare.

Coaching Session Part 1:

The first part of your agent’s review is to see how well last week’s actions and or SLA / KPI’s have been met.

You should start the process by reviewing the action/goals in order to see how well they were completed.

It is important to talk about how you perceive the completion of this went and what your thoughts are on it (please write these down whilst speaking to the agent).

Let your agent give you feedback on how they felt the goals were and if they felt they did well.

Prompt as much as possible and if the agent gives you either positive or negative feedback try and ask why this is, to see what the root thought is. Following this you should both be able to come to a combined conclusion. Key components of Part 1:

  • Last week’s 3 actions
  • Review of the actions
  • Manager’s comments
  • Agent’s comments
  • Result


Coaching Session Part 2

In this part of the coaching session you should a hold a review of the week’s performance, mainly in terms of sales and of quality control (QC).

Be sure that QC has delivered a sheet of results to you before the review takes place, or at least a call transcript. Please highlight any comments or immediate actions.

Now proceed with the sales performance to date and highlight where your agent currently stands compared to the monthly target and also to the rest of the team (please note any actions here as well).

Your agent should now talk you through their pipeline. Encourage them to prepare this section well.

At this point, try and query their pipeline as much as possible and don’t be afraid to ask them some difficult questions. Time keeping and attendance should be quickly touched upon.

Soft skills are something that you can discuss where you feel it is appropriate. This should be around attitude, mannerisms, presentation and anything else you feel relevant. Once the review is completed you should gather all of the agent’s comments and note them down. Again, query what they say and prompt them to think about their answers thoroughly.

At this stage, it is recommended to set 3 main targets or actions for the coming week.

Key components of Part 2:

  • QC
  • % to target
  • Pipeline
  • Behaviours
  • Timekeeping attendance
  • Any other measures
  • Agent comments
  • Goal or action for the coming week

At the top of the template you can download, there is a scoring section for you and your agent. You should score the agent from 0-100% in terms of how well you think they did. Your section should be scored by your line manager in terms of how well the form was filled out.

This 1-2-1 coaching session form should be kept in an agent development folder and tie in with a monthly review.

It is also vital that you make sure your agent updates their learning log after each 1-2-1 coaching session.

Free Download

To download your free 1-2-1 Coaching Template, please click on the picture below:

How to Coach 1 2 1 Effectively image Coaching Template 300x211How to Coach 1 2 1 Effectively

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