Clothing fabric recycled from landfill trash

We recently saw UK-based Studio Swine develop a technique for getting plastic debris out of the ocean to create the Sea Chair, tackling two environmental issues at once. Now Vapor Apparel is launching its ECO Spin fabric which is made of recycled materials that are taken from landfill.

Unveiled at the EcoPrint Show in Berlin at the end of last month, the fabric is designed for performance wear and digital printing. The company is salvaging plastic and furniture from scrap heaps and landfill and breaking them down into a mush, before spinning them into a fiber using airjets. As reports point out, the process simultaneously reduces the amount of useable material left lying in landfill and avoids the excess use of oil and other non-renewables that are usually a part of textile production. Chris Bernat, CRO of Vapor Apparel, explained: “Making recycled filament fibers removes six parts of the process compared with virgin polyester.”

The fashion industry is one that seems to be aware of its own environmental footprint and many startups are making efforts to explore new business models. How else could clothing producers make the move towards greener practices?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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