ClickToTweet Makes Requesting Twitter Retweets Easy!

ClickToTweet Makes Requesting Twitter Retweets Easy! image clicktotweet logo 150x150ClickToTweet Makes Requesting Twitter Retweets Easy!Now There Is An Easy (And Free) Way To Request Someone Retweet A Specific Message!

Just like in other areas of business – sometimes the easiest way to get what you want on Twitter is simply to ask for it!

Often it would be nice to have our friends retweet a specific message, formatted a certain way, but due to character count restrictions on Twitter this can be cumbersome to ask for and require sending multiple messages, or worst having to ask the person to go hunt down the tweet (which rarely happens)!

Many of us who share syndication with our friends and tribes already take advantage of the power of shared social exposure… but we may not be doing all we can!

Often, our friends and tribe mates that simply don’t have time to get to and read and hunt down more of our material to share, would still gladly make a click or two to help us out.

So it becomes our job to deliver our content, to those that are willing, in a way that is SUPER EASY for them to re-share!

That’s where comes into play!

ClickToTweet Makes Requesting Twitter Retweets Easy! image clicktotweet screenshot 1 493x309ClickToTweet Makes Requesting Twitter Retweets Easy!

Steps To Use

1) Make a list of friends that you believe would be open to sharing your content. Who’s included here will vary based on how you have networked with others. Often it is your closest Tribe or Blogging friends.

2) Write a super-sexy value-giving blog posts that someone would WANT to share with their followers.

3) Construct a tweet from it that you would like your friends to share. For example:

RT @AskKim How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Category #facebook #socialmedia

One tip here is to keep the tweet under 120 characters (or 20 characters remaining) so that it can be RTd again after your friend shares it without risk of the link or tags being cropped off due to length limitations.

4) Open up and paste your tweet text in there, checking that the character count is short enough, and then click the “generate link” button.

5) Copy the URL it gives you, which looks like this: and test it to be sure it works and looks correct. (Click my example link to see what I’m talking about here.)

6) Now write a SECOND tweet that you will use as a message or direct message (DM). This approach probably works best via DM, but you will find that a lot of novice twitter users do not keep up an eye on their DM box and experienced twitter users may get so many DMs that things get buried quickly.

First write your message: Would you mind sharing this blog post for me? Thanks in advance!

7) Send it to your friends! For example if I wanted to send it to my good friend Don Enck, I would tweet:

d donenck Would you mind sharing this blog post for me? Thanks in advance!

8) Return the favor!

It is important that I am not only thankful for being granted the favor but that I return it by either clicking linked tweets for those that request them back – or – if the friend has not requested one – that I open their twitter stream and find something of theirs to share. While this doesn’t have to necessarily be a 1 to 1 ratio, remember what YOU would like if you were on the receiving end!


I invite you to test this cool little Twitter tool out by DM’ing me one of your best social media blog posts! makes it super easy for you to provide a preconstructed tweet for your friends and community to syndicate to twitter for you! It minimizes the hassle of the individual having to construct a tweet from a link or incomplete DM. I love the fact that it only takes me TWO little clicks to help a friend out!

This is one more tool for your Twitter toolbox that can make a big difference in exposure if you use it and has that sweet little price tag known as FREE!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Do you mind if your friends and followers ask you to share their content?

What is your content sharing policy?

Is twitter an active part of your social media strategy?

What tools do YOU depend on for getting the most out of twitter?

I look forward to reading and replying to your thoughts below!

If you found this post useful I’d appreciate if you would syndicate, bookmark and share it with your friends!

PS: A special thanks to Mani Viswanathan, of Daily Blogging, for first introducing me to this cool little application!

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