CJ Wilson’s Zombie-Proof Mazda CX-5

The whole “end of world” thing from 2012 came and went, but one thing remained in 2013, and that was the craze over zombies. MLB pitcher CJ Wilson owns a Mazda dealership and he had a CX-5 outfitted to ward off the flocks of flesh eating monsters. To get a better idea of where the heck they came up with such an idea and what exactly makes a vehicle ready for the zombie apocalypse, we got a little more info from professional major league pitcher CJ Wilson and the dealership’s general manager, Eric Vates.

The CX-5 Zombie Apocalypse Edition was the brain-child of CJ Wilson, pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. (Fun fact, CJ is a lefty-lefty, meaning that he both throws and bats left-handed. It is particularly rare. The author of this post is also lefty-lefty, though any MLB aspirations are as likely as an actual zombie apocalypse.) In creating this custom CX-5, Wilson asked one simple question: “what if we really did need to run and not look back?”

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06-CJ Wilson Mazda CX-5 Zombie

According to Wilson, “In a class-MPG-leader like the CX-5 Z-Day Edition, you really have your best chance to get to point B safely.  The platform lends itself to customization…”

The MLB pitcher and his dealership know a thing or two about customizing the CX-5. We’ve covered his daily driver here, and he clearly knows how to put a great aftermarket touch on the crossover. Dealership GM, Eric Vates broke down the equipment a little more, “With its knobby off road tires and aggressive stance plus overhead luggage rack complete with extra gas cans, spare and sledge hammer and pick axe (just in case the undead get too close) and full brush guards and off road lighting (power grid will probably be down) this is the vehicle to cruise to safety.” He continued, “The package retails for only $7995 and can be added to any CX-5 with any trim level.”

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02-CJ Wilson Mazda CX-5 Zombie


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If you are on the run from the undead and have a larg family, the boys at CJ Wilson Mazda are working on a CX-9. Wilson also brought up the impressive capability of this custom CX-5, “Our previous experience at CJW Mazda has been about putting more Zoom-zoom into Mazdas– and this one just shows that we can go in the other direction and make vehicles tougher and more off-road capable as well.” Well, Zombie apocalypse, or not, this would be a terrific crossover to have in the stable and more proof that crossover doesn’t have to mean “soft-roader.”


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