City Specific Domain Extensions Launched

City Specific Domain Extensions Launched image Aug13 Post 1City Specific Domain Extensions LaunchedSince the start of the internet, the .com domain has ruled. Most businesses use the URL if they are lucky enough to have purchased that domain. Otherwise, they may have been forced to choose an alternate domain for their website. This is usually the case if you are starting your business from scratch nowadays. While the .com domain has ruled, there are a few other options that are becoming more frequently used, such as .net or .co. But unfortunately, there are not an endless combination of words with which to come up with domain names.

Domain names with fewer letters are becoming scarcer. There is a limited number of letter combinations that can be made. Shorter domain names are becoming costly, if they are even available. While companies and personal users can choose domains that end in .net or .co, most people will try the .com ending first. This can lead to confusion when it comes to people finding your site, particularly with small businesses who may not have first crack at expensive domains.

But now, a new solution is being offered to business owners in some cities in the US. Domain for purchase company GoDaddy has made some new domain-name endings available. The two that are being offered currently are for the city of Los Angeles and also New York City. The domains end in either .la or .nyc. While they are primarily being marketed to businesses in these places, there are no rules in place that businesses who use these domains must be in these cities. In this article, Mashable suggests that the .la domain might also appeal to businesses that are based in Louisiana.

GoDaddy offered these new domains at a slightly higher price than their typical starting cost for domains. The auctions for popular domain names started around $100. The company offered about 300 unique domains with the .la extension. They were up for auction on GoDaddy’s site through July 18th.

The new city-specific domain extensions could be a big help to businesses. This makes more common domains available to more people. For example, if there is a company called Smith Marketing in New York, they could use and a different company with the same name in Los Angeles could use I think it’s a great idea and it will be an easy way for internet users to distinguish companies that they are looking for from those that are in other areas of the country.

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